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How Summer Con Can Make A Difference In Your Work

The Latest in Demand Flexibility Tech Implementation

Whether your challenge is incentivizing customers to adopt new technology or figuring out how to leverage it for your business, the speakers and participants at Summer Con are equipped to give you answers.

Strategies for Boosting Customer Program Enrollment

The key to success is understanding what motivates your customers. Demand flexibility program marketers will share their insights with you so you can motivate your residential, commerical, and industrial customers to be engaged energy customers.

Strategic Planning and Implementation Tips that Avoid Common Pitfalls

Demand flexibility involves lots of moving parts and players, but the resilience and savings benefits are worth it. Meet with people who have already done it all and want to help you plan and implement in a way that minimizes risks and maximizes returns.

New Ways to Measure Your Program’s Impact and Demonstrate Value

Distribution programs live and die by their demonstrated value. At Summer Con, you find ways to prove how your program enhances resilience, saves money, defers hefty investment costs, makes a difference in quality of life, and increases overall customer satisfaction.