Scholarship Opportunities

AESP provides scholarship opportunities that cover the cost of registration for its flagship events – AESP Annual and Summer Con. These scholarships allow recipients to be in the room with other community members so they can make connections that will accelerate their career and learn the latest techniques and tricks that will make them better professionals.

In addition to a comped registration, recipients receive a conference ambassador to help make introductions, special recognition during opening sessions, and post-conference spotlight opportunities through AESP media (which can include Energy Intel Magazine, AESP Energy Beat Podcast, and similar channels).

Read on to learn more about currently available opportunities and requirements.

Annual Conference Scholarships

Apply for Diverse and Emerging Professionals Scholarships for AESP Annual. This annual meeting of the association community is a great venue to meet professionals from all the many continental regions and clean energy markets of the association.

Summer Con Scholarships

AESP Summer Con is a boutique, intimate event that has a narrow focus each year. It provides a fantastic opportunity to meet and intensely collaborate on a narrow range of topics. This high-impact opportunity is not one to miss.