Individual energy professionals and their employers trust AESP

to provide the leadership, community and knowledge to help them pursue their energy goals. With flexible membership and points options for companies of all sizes and energy professionals at all stages of their careers, joining AESP is a no-brainer.
Member Benefits

Individual Membership Solutions

Individual Membership

Join for one year or join for multiple years to enjoy savings.

Emeritus Membership

Stay involved with your industry even as your sights on the retired lifestyle. Membership is $99 (waived if certain participation requirements are met).

Student Membership

Get a jump on your industry knowledge and build your network. High school and college students enjoy membership for $30.

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We Have Company-Wide Solutions Too

Group Membership is the perfect solution for organizations looking to cover multiple people with AESP member benefits. Utilities enjoy unlimited memberships for an affordable flat rate while small businesses and corporations can enjoy tiered options that fit their budgetary needs.