Joule Mentorship Program

Mentoring is essentially the original on-the-job training, where a more experienced employee (the mentor) provides guidance and knowledge to a less-experienced employee (the mentee). However, in modern times, we now have educational institutions, in-house training programs and online LMS, for example, to teach employees the skills they need for the job. However, that’s just the knowledge part.

So what about the guidance every employee needs to navigate a new industry and new workplace? Every professional, no matter how many years in the industry, can always benefit from the deeper pool of knowledge and experience of a mentor who has had even more years in the industry. How to solve some of the common challenges that bedevil all of us? How to handle a workplace issue? How to move ahead?

AESP invites both new and experienced professionals to join the AESP Joule Mentoring program as either a Mentor or a Mentee. For seasoned professionals, it is a great way to give back to the industry and help impact the career of an individual. Note: You must be an AESP member to participate.

To sign-up to be either a mentor or mentee, you will first need to log-in using your AESP member credentials. Then you will be redirected to fill out a simple questionnaire in order to be matched with a suitable mentor or mentee.

Basic Program Outline

You must be an AESP member to be a mentor or mentee.

Once matched, both mentor and mentee must commit to one chat lasting at least 30 minutes every month, although more interaction is encouraged.

The formal commitment is for one year although both mentor and mentee may continue the relationship if they choose.

For more information or if you have difficulty logging-in, contact us at (480) 704-5900 or email [email protected].

Ready to be a Mentor/Mentee?