AESP Energy Awards

The energy efficiency industry is driven by a noble goal to make the world a better place. We work toward reducing harmful greenhouse gasses and our dependence on earth’s limited fuel resources.

Members of the AESP community are involved in activities every day that make strides – both big and small – toward achieving these goals. From developing new technologies and finding better ways to do things, to solving problems and devising innovative new approaches, the AESP ENERGY AWARDS were created to recognize this spirit of innovation and hard work.

Why Enter the AESP Energy Awards?

Prestige & Recognition

Give your project the recognition and exposure it deserves. There’s no better validation for a great idea than winning the industry’s leading award.

Help Advance the Industry

Great ideas should be shared. Through your award-winning program you help contribute to industry best practices and help inspire more innovative thinking.

Recognize Teamwork

Behind every success story is a team of individuals who’ve championed the idea every step of the way. This award recognizes your team and their hard work.

Information about the 2023 Energy Award, including deadlines and requirements will be announced soon.  Read about the 2022 Energy Award Winners.