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AESP Webinar: DER Aggregation Series – Webinar Session 7 – Town Hall

04/20/2023 @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT

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Tremendous Potential!

Tremendous Opportunity to Scale!

This Town Hall Roundtable Webinar will bring together a wide variety of clean energy experts and audience participants in a roundtable discussion about the most pressing issues that will help unlock the potential for scaling distributed energy resources (DERs) to play a greater role in addressing our electric grid challenges brought on by climate change.

Beginning with Webinar #1 and through to Webinar #6 these webinars have presented panels on a broad range of issues related to the deployment of a successful national DER Aggregation market. Topics included DER aggregation in multiple individual market applications (residential, commercial, and industrial) targeted a simple market development, or in conjunction with ISO (related to FERC Order 2222) establishing DER Aggregation mechanisms equivalent in resource potential to bulk power purchases, virtual power plant approaches, and more!

Now It Is Time To Bring Together the Experts Who Spoke About All These Issues for this Town Hall Roundtable With Audience Participants To Talk About Future Direction!

This will be a unique opportunity to hear from some of the industry’s leading DER thinkers. Guided by moderators Jay Luboff, Greg Wikler and Hillary Polis, experts will be invited to weigh in on a series of broad questions asked by the moderators and sent-in by interested audience members. The leading questions include:

  •  What are the vehicles or prospects for continued industry collaboration across markets and technology approaches to bring DER Aggregation to SCALE? Will VPP approaches (or other) become the vehicle for Scaling?
  • Do you see a mix of market and regulatory approaches continuing to play a role in furthering the development of DERs or can market approaches alone ultimately sustain the DER industry?
  • The focus of the webinar series, while ostensibly on California has been on broader national DER Aggregation approaches and issues. What are the leading trends around the country that point to positive directions for DER SCALING?


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT
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