Frequently Asked Questions

How Will EVDX Help Communities?

Answer: EVDX will recruit a wide set of experts in various areas of EV adoption and driver experience as EVDX Partners. They will work with communities on state-of-the-practice solutions.

What Is A Community Partner?

Answer: Any entity that helps improve the EV adoption and driving experience. These will most frequently be utilities, cities and towns; states, EV organizations, and local and regional energy organizations.

Who Leads EVDX?

EVDX is an initiative powered by AESP. The EVDX Executive Committee guides the growth and focus of EVDX, which is likely to evolve over time.

How Can A Community Get Started?

The first step is to have a conversation with an EVDX Strategy Concierge. The Concierge will work with you to determine where your needs are greatest, and how to start implementing the programs that will help get you to your goals. The result is a Scope of Work you agree upon, along with a budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Work with EVDX?

After your initial call with your Strategy Concierge, you will receive proposals from EVDX and your assigned Concierge to explain the recommended solutions and associated costs.

How Is EVDX Funded?

EVDX is funded through the contributions of sponsors and, in the future, potentially government and private grants.