The Electric Vehicle Driver Experience Initiative, or EVDX, and its partner network will work with utilities, governments, and non-profits to help communities of all types create programs and campaigns that ease the transition from gas vehicles to clean, electric transportation.

EVDX Goals and Activities

Establish a professional home for those addressing the myriad issues that hinder EV adoption and appropriate charging practices, including utility pricing and managed charging programs.  

Work with all communities, customer classes, service territories, and jurisdictions to help create programs and campaigns that ease the transition from gas vehicles to clean, electric transportation.

Provide a central resource for a wide variety of market intelligence, driver experience research, and charging behavior data. This will lead to the creation of actionable best practices in programs for communities. 

Methodically address all parts of the consumer and business journey to create a smoother experience. This includes: assessing costs, vehicle selection; home, work, and on-the-go charging; navigating tax credits and rebates, and enrolling in money saving and grid-conscious utility programs.

Give a voice to consumers and businesses when decisions are being made on government or utility programs. In addition, provide input and counsel on how spending is allocated for grants, and how education and outreach programs should be designed.

How EVDX Fits Into the Customer Journey

Awareness & Knowledge

Barriers Addressed

Lack of EV Exposure
How EVs Work
How to Charge
Addressing common myths about batteries, charging, and costs

EVDX Solutions

Comprehensive Educational Material
Best Practices Education Campaigns
Standardized, Tested Messaging

Shopping Experience

Barriers Addressed

Understanding Hybrid v. PHEV v. BEV
Doubt of EV Lifestyle Fit
Lack of Dealer Knowledge
Understanding Range and Usage Match

EVDX Solutions

Online Shopping Assistants
Matching Driving Needs with The Right Vehicle
Charging Equipment Needs
Battery Sizing

Purchase Tax Credits & Rebates

Barriers Addressed

Basic Awareness
Interpretation Difficulty
Onerous Applications
Multiple Middlemen
Low-Income Qualifying

EVDX Solutions

Understanding Tax Credits
Finding Rebates
Finding Low-Income Assistance
Utility Program Identification & Matching

Charging Experience

Barriers Addressed

How To Charge at Home and Away
Public Charging Stations Are Broken
Don’t Understand Charging Levels
Unaware of Utility Pricing Programs

EVDX Solutions

Explaining Charging Clearly
Detail Real-Life Charging Scenarios Home and Away
Match Driver with Utility Rate, Rebate, & Charging Programs

Driving Experience

Barriers Addressed

Electricity Bills Higher, Unsure What To Do
Knowing Real Range In Different Conditions
Confusing Charging Networks
Dealing with Road Trips with EVs

EVDX Solutions

How to Join Utility Managed Charging Programs
Battery Health
Explain Range in Cold Weather, On Highways
Explain Methods To Avoid Range Anxiety

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