The 2024 State of Demand Flexibility Report Is Here

93% of utilities say demand flexibility is a medium-to-high strategic priority for their organizations in the next three years – a fact ripe with opportunity but not without challenges.


AESP, Zpryme, and Doer/Maker established a first-ever overview of the demand flexibility landscape in North America. This sorely needed analysis provides utilities and their collaborators with the information they need to make informed strategic decisions, plan for pilots, create successful collaboration, and more.

Initial findings from the 2024 State of Demand Flexibility Report, which first debuted at AESP’s Annual Conference, paint a picture of an energy industry on the precipice of meaningful change. Utilities are taking notice of the massive potential of demand flexibility solutions such as enhanced resilience, lower costs, sustainability, and increased customer satisfaction. However, challenges such as business resilience, talent development, DEI inclusion threaten to slow our progress toward a clean and flexible energy system.


State of Demand Flexibility Report Cover

What’s Inside the 2024 State of Demand Flexibility Report

This report delivers sound insights based on comprehensive research and survey results from over sixty executives from utilities and utility program implementers across North America. The report delivers a comprehensive review of the state of the industry, insights, and industry trends:

  • A brief history of demand flexibility
  • Why grid flexibility is more important than ever
  • Benefits of distributed energy resources
  • Implementation challenges
  • Key supporting technologies
  • Current demand pilots
  • Successful implementations

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