Demand Flexibility Day / August 15, 2024

It’s the next wave in grid and energy intelligence. It’s the heartbeat of our future grid – demand flexibility. Join the demand flexibility community to raise awareness of this vital practice and promote the growth of demand flexibility pilots, projects, and professionals. Join in the conversation on August 15th on LinkedIn using #DemandFlexibilityDay.

What Is Demand Flexibility

As the video shows, demand flexibility is complex but well worth the effort. The goal can easily be summed up in one word: optimization. It isn’t enough to just plug renewables into the grid. We have to make sure everything works together in the most beneficial ways. And that’s what demand flexibility is all about. Demand flexibility achieves many goals:

  • It curbs electricity demand when the strain on the grid is high. It does this in many ways. It tells our appliances, like smart thermostats, EV chargers, water heaters, and heat pumps, to consume more electricity when demand is low (overnight) or when renewables are in active production (like midday for solar). This helps avoid costly investments in transmission and helps avoid brown-outs and other resilience risks.
  • It helps marginalized and income-qualified communities gain equal access. Through time-of-use rates, demand response programs, and utility energy programs, communities that struggle with their energy bills can have utilities help them manage their consumption to lower their monthly costs.
  • It promotes the interconnection and growth of renewable energy programs. By shifting demand to midday (when the sun is shining) and overnight (when the wind is blowing), demand flexibility programs and technology move more demand to align with renewable energy production. 

    2023 Demand Flexibility Day By The Numbers

    300 Learners

    visited to learn about demand flexibility including recent research, job opportunities, and more.

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    Start Your Demand Flexibility Career

    Whether you are an educator, engineer, marketer, or mechanic, there is a place for you in demand flexibility.

    Get Educated

    Looking to make a career shift or just getting started out of high school or college? AESP, the U.S. Department of Energy, and their partners are creating free education to help you be ready to participate in the demand flexibility workforce.

    Stay On Top of the Latest Trends

    Technology is always changing. AI, interoperability advancements, and new customer program models are creating new and exciting possibilities. Check out out the latest advancements with exciting research from Zpryme.

    Demand Flexibility Day Partners


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