Resilient energy, community powered

February 5-8, 2024 / San Antonio, TX

Join Us as We Lay Out a Roadmap to Resilient Energy

360° Community Outreach

includes all players – big and small. To create thriving communities we must engage agriculture, small businesses, neighbors, and community-based organizations to ensure we can ALL weather whatever climate change throws at us. Let’s proceed with empathy and inclusiveness.

Big Tent Resilience Planning

is the only way forward. Too often, we plan for project lifecycle, the moment, or the next ten years. But life does not happen on that timescale. To realize a resilient grid, everyone must be at the table and planning needs to be an unending conversation and not a project-to-project engagement. We hope you like crowds.

Structural Change

will be uncomfortable, but we must embrace it. We designed our grid and markets for a future we did not fully grasp and a reality that no longer exists. We must look to new ways to incentivize innovation, upskill our workforce, accelerate deployment, and engage our customers. Let’s get uncomfortable.

Eating The Elephant, One Bite at a Time

sounds silly but large success is built through a pattern of successful actions. Our bites are deployments, and each solar panel, each heat pump, and each EV brings us one step closer to our goal of massive change. Let’s work together to deploy faster and optimize better.

AESP + Social Offset

AESP has partnered with SocialOffset to offer attendees the opportunity to contribute to local organizations in San Antonio that make a positive difference in people’s lives and the community.

Safety Reminder

Always be vigilant against scammers. AESP will never reach out via a third party for hotel bookings, exhibitor/sponsor fulfillment, registration information, etc. We do not partner with anyone outside of the official host hotel or other partners explicitly called out on this site. If someone reaches out to you, please do your utmost to protect yourself and when in doubt, please contact AESP staff for assistance.

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