Humanizing Energy

March 10-13, 2025 in Phoenix, AZ
Call for Abstracts

To Succeed, Energy Needs to Put People Front and Center

Sitting in cubicles and home offices, it can be easy to lose sight of our end users and stakeholders. And we can’t allow that to happen. Any product or service that loses sight of its customers wants and needs will fail. With clean energy on the cusp of mainstream adoption, every win counts. This year’s agenda is set to deliver the best lessons from success and failure on the road to human-first clean energy and efficiency solutions in five areas.

Buiness Issues and Regulatory Models

  • Human-focused energy contracting and ramp-up
  • Clean heat for all with standards that prioritize people and planet
  • Pricing for people that makes DERs accessible
  • Finding a role for natural gas in a clean energy future
  • Weaving together utility funds to create inclusive benefits

Marketing and Customer Experience

  • Modern uses for traditional marketing
  • Using generative AI for customer engagement
  • Proven methods of engaging underserved communities
  • Thinking big for new strategies that reach small businesses
  • New insights and best practices for understanding customers

Program Lifecycle

  • Reaching smaller customers with behavioral programs
  • The impact of increasing code requirements
  • Shifting resources to target untapped markets
  • Coordinating gas and electric programs with people in mind
  • Building local resilience and efficiency

Emerging Tools and Technology

  • Using AI to become more energy aware and educated
  • Leveraging behind-the-meter battery storage solutions
  • Supporting fleet, grid, and EV growth with microgrid technology
  • Coordinating local, state, and federal entities to further funding of electrification projects
  • Making energy management platforms friendly for consumers

Advancing Systems and Climate Resilience Initiatives

  • How environmental justice aids energy resilience, affordability, and accessibility
  • Home weatherization and resilience programs for low- and moderate-income
  • Using electric transportation to reach resilience and climate goals
  • Finance and cost reduction strategies for multi-family microgrid development
  • Utility strategies for investing into resilience

The Go-To Conference for Demand-Side Utility Professionals & Their Supporters

The 2024 Conference featured confirmed attendees from 65+ utilities across North America. Utility professionals trust the AESP community to deliver the workforce insights, technology strategies, and engagement practies they need to become MVPs in the delivery of demand side energy solutions.