/ (ˈmɛntərɪŋ) /

The original on-the-job training, where a more experienced employee (the mentor) provides guidance and knowledge to a less-experienced employee (the mentee).

That’s just a dry definition. What’s the value of mentoring in today’s society? Mentorship provides what off the shelf training cannot: guidance every team member needs to navigate a new industry and new workplace.

Mentors who participate in AESP’s JOULE Program help tackle issues like:

  1. Common industry challenges that irritate us all
  2. Navigate complex workplace issues
  3. How to chart the next steps of your career

Program Overview

You must be an AESP member to be a mentor or mentee.

Once matched, both mentor and mentee must commit to one chat lasting at least 30 minutes every month, although more interaction is encouraged.

The formal commitment is for one year although both mentor and mentee may continue the relationship if they choose.

For more information or if you have difficulty logging-in, contact us at (480) 704-5900 or email [email protected].

Get Involved

To get involved or access the JOULE Platform, you will need to login to your AESP Member Profile. From the profile homepage, use the member resource links to navigate to JOULE.

I’ve mentored five or six individuals with AESP. I wanted to give back to the industry that has given so much to me. And it’s not just a one-way street. I get benefits from getting perspective as well. Some of my mentees have given me information that has benefited me professionally.

Rick Morgan

JOULE Mentor, President, Morgan Marketing Partners